Letterbox Flowers

Letterbox flowers have become very popular with the ability for them to simply be delivered through a letterbox! The ease of this now means that it doesn’t matter of that special person is not at home, the flowers still get delivered! So that we do not cause even more problems with the environment, we use 100% recycled materials for packaging making this a very cost-effective option for your flower delivery.

Unsure if someone is going to be home to receive their flowers from you? Well, letterbox flowers are the solution you need. It’s very simple, flowers through the letterbox! You will never need to worry if anyone is home, if they are out then their flowers will be waiting for them as soon as they return, it’s that simple!

What are letterbox flowers?

The concept was created a few years ago now. With florists making up beautiful bouquets, driving them out to the recipient only to find that no one was home! This was also very frustrating for the sender as the flowers were not always delivered. Now there is a new option available with letterbox friendly flowers!

How long do letterbox flowers last?

Even with these amazing flowers being posted through your letterbox, there is no reason why they wouldn’t last just as long as a normal bouquet. The flowers are generally posted while they are still in bud rather than full bloom, this also helps them fit on the box. When you receive your flowers, simply unbox them, put them in a vase and follow the simple instructions in the box.

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