4 Great reasons to send beautiful flowers by post?

Why should I send flowers by post?

Heres 4 great reason why you really should send some flowers by post to your loved one

  1. There is no better way of showing your affection than having them answer the door and receive a big beautifful bouquet of flowers from you. It really is special
  2. The choice of flowers is amazing. There really is something available for every occasion
  3. Its easy!! Go online, select your flowers, place your order and away you go!!
  4. Choose a time and a place for delivery. Could even be to their work place if needed.

These ar just the headline advantages. Read below if youre not already convinced or start sending flowers by post now!

Any occasion can be a reason to make it an extra special occasion and if we are talking about women’s birthdays or anniversaries then flowers must be a serious consideration as part of the celebration. Gifting flowers is a touching, special sign of affection. Depending on the flowers you choose and the type of bouquet, it says something about you and the relationship you have with the person you are buying for.

It can be birthday bouquets, romantic flowers or flower baskets. It’s also important how you choose to offer flowers, remembering thatit is now extremely easy to send flowers by post.

What are the benefits for sending flowers by post?

There are benefits of choosing to send the flower by post. Below are just a few that I see as beneficial to consider

  • you can order whenever you want them and choose to be delivered at any time and date
  • they will be delivered quickly and still fresh and smelling gorgeous
  • you can order the flowers before the event to make sure you don’t forget
  • wide range of available flowers for any occasion
  • you can customize your order. Every occasion or recipient must receive a different bouquet of flowers. If you offer your lover a birthday bouquet, it may include red roses, the symbol of love. If you choose a flower basket for your mother, for example, it may include an orchid.
  • the unexpected joy from your loved one or friend when they receive the flowers, delivered on her doorstep. A gesture that will surprise and hopefully really make her happy
  • The flowers can be delivered anywhere. Work, home, restaurant. You choose!


So, which flowers you should choose to send?

It’s very important to choose the flowers that you will include in your bouquet or basket carefully. Every flower has a meaning or symbolism so ensure you get this right!

If you are looking for birthday bouquets for your girlfriend or wife it can be tricky, but I will help you with some recommendations in order to make sure you make the best decision.

The passion’s symbol’s always the red rose, a star among the romantic flowers. They are sexy, classical and elegant. But if you have a long term relationship and you have already sent her red roses on numerous occasions, it might be a good idea to make a change. If you want to stick with roses, you can choose another color, such as orange or yellow. Again both with meaning and symbolism of trust and friendship aswell as love and caring.

You can pay attention to her favorite color when you choose. If you still want something red, tulips are another great choice. They are elegant and stylish. The tulip’s center resembles a heart, so you would still have the love factor. And you can go that extra mile and mix tulips with roses. It will make a beautiful birthday bouquet that she will definitely be impressed with.

If you are looking for a special bouquet for your relationship or wedding anniversary, you can choose for example purple roses, it’s the symbol of love at first sight. Rekindle the love you had for her and show her that you love her like you always have since the very first day. Romantic and elegant at the same time.

Also, you can choose yellow flowers, they symbolize the warmth and enjoying one another’s company, sharing similar interests. They are the perfect choice for letting your wife or girlfriend know that you appreciate your relationship and you have a special connection. You can choose yellow roses or tulips to help mix things up a bit.

If your wife celebrates her birthday in spring, you may choose daisies or freesias. They have a fresh look, ideal for spring. Irises are also a good choice, they are delicate and great for expressing compliments and friendships. Offering her irises, you can thank her for being next to you or being a great wife/mother.

If she celebrates her birthday in late summer, you can choose sunflowers. They are bright, yellow and transmit joy and happiness. Their petals mimic the sun, a perfect way to let your wife know that she brightens up your life.

Orchids make a refined choice, They are elegant, sophisticated, with a lovely design. They will help you communicate to your wife that you appreciate her beauty and strength. Theya re also extremely beautiful in every way.

You should also know that every month has a flower dedicated to it. So, you can choose the flower specific to her birth month. For example, Narcissus is for December and Carnation for January. We have put together a quick reference article here to help give you some ideas. Which flower for my birth month?

You can also choose mixed birthday bouquets. These require a more complex approach and be careful about the type of flowers and colors you choose to mix, in order to look great. This doesn’t mean don’t give it a go! Be Bold, be adventurous and be different!

You don’t always need a special occasion to surprise her with flowers. This will make her extremely happy and make her feel loved and cherished always. Also, you can brighten her day any day with a bouquet of pink flowers, the symbol of joy and paradise, like Bird of Paradise.

I received a flower bouquet from my husband, made with Birds of Paradise before our holiday, by post. I was surprised and so happy that I received this beautifully colored flower bouquet with no particular reason. The surprise was even bigger because it was sent by post and I didn’t expect the package to be flowers.

If I knew that it’s my husband with flowers, the surprise would not be the same. In fact, it would make me think he has done something wrong! But the fact that he thought about it, made arrangements and chose the proper flowers, while he was keeping a secret, it all contributes to a very happy surprise. It felt like a grand gesture and it was a beautiful surprise that I did not see coming.

Choosing to send flowers by post it’s a great way of letting your special person know that you think about her, you love and cherish your relationship. This shows that you put the effort into this gesture, you did not just go past the supermarket, pick a bouquet and offered it. You took the time to search the online flower shop, you chose the perfect bouquet, arranged the delivery. It shows that you went that extra mile to make her happy and she will almost certainly appreciate the gesture.

Don’t forget to add a note when you are sending the flowers by post. That way she will know from whom she received the beautiful flowers and will enjoy reading a few words from you. Choosing the right flowers, along with the note and the surprise of receiving them by post, will help you give her a special, unforgettable surprise.