Why Buy flowers?

So why buy flowers?


I have always loved flowers, not to the extent that I’ve ever cultivated some, but I always loved receiving bouquets. I’ve never really cared about how expensive they were. Cheap flowers or expensive flowers are all the same to me, it has always been about the thoughts behind the gift.


When you think about it, how much do flowers cost? They’re not exactly the most extravagant gift. But I still remember a time not too long ago when I went without getting any flowers for a year, not the happiest time in my life, ill let you know. But luckily, that all changed, and the man of my dreams came into my life. Yep, I met a man who has to walk past my favorite florist every day on his way home from work.


But seriously, flowers are one of the few gifts that can be given on nearly every occasion. Whenever you’re in trouble to convey a message, you can always turn to your local high end or cheap florist for help. They will be able to assist in choosing the right bouquet flowers cheaply. This post will explain just a few of the reasons why flowers are the perfect gift.


They are beautiful

Flowers are always effortlessly beautiful, and everyone appreciates beauty. Even cheap flowers, when arranged by an expert, can leave you in awe of their beauty. Just take note of the smile on the face of the next person you give a bouquet to. This will tell you everything you will ever need to know about the importance of flowers.


They smell pretty good too.

On top of being breathtakingly beautiful, they smell fantastic too. Every flower has a unique scent, even a cheap florist arrange of a bouquet with a few different types of flowers that will offer a fragrance put a smile on anybody’s face.


Women love flowers

No matter what they say, the woman or women in your life love flowers. But here’s a piece of advice: don’t get them delivered, make an effort yourself to pick them up and bring them home or even better take them to their workplace. They will be suitably embarrassed and impressed. Making a few colleagues jealous at the same time will also earn a few extra brownie points.


A thoughtful gift

One of the most difficult challenges you’ll face is to find a thoughtful gift for someone you care about deeply. There is no better way to tell someone you care that they give them some flowers. Make sure you choose flowers that they love and appreciate; this will let them know you truly put some thought into your gift.


They serve as a reminder.

If you’re trying to express your romantic feelings for someone, give them a gift of flowers, Nothing helps cement a relationship better than flowers. Also, they will be there for several days to remind the person of your gesture. It doesn’t matter whether on the coffee table, on the kitchen counter, or at their office desk. Every time they see them, they will instantly think of you.


Flowers Affect Moods

Recent research conducted by Rutgers University shows the definitive link between mood and flowers. Some people who took part in the study expressed feeling low, and they instantly felt better after receiving a bouquet. Studies also reveal the flowers relieve stress and make people feel happy. People who send me flowers tend to be more successful, more emotionally balanced, more thoughtful, and caring. This study also debunked the theory that only men should send flowers. Some men also took part in the research and equally affected by receiving bouquets. So don’t be afraid to give some flowers to the men in your life.



A little history lesson

As you can see, there is no better way to tell someone that you’re thinking of them to say sorry, thank you, to express congratulations or condolences and much more, than to give a gift of flowers. This all started with ancient Greeks, and Romans awarded their athletes and adorned their funerals with flowers. During the Victorian era, it was considered impolite to expressed emotions. So the practice of sending flowers became an acceptable form portraying your feelings.


If you’re struggling for the right words, remember flowers always portray the right message but be careful in many cultures different flowers portrayed different meanings research to make sure that the bouquet you’re choosing contains the great information. If you have any problems, just pop into your local florist, and they will be able to assist you in creating the right bouquet for any occasion.



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