Which flowers are my birth month flowers?

Which flowers are my birth month flowers?

Throughout the world many people associate birth month flowers with their birthday, just like they do star signs. We have put together a full list, by month of the flowers associated and the meanings behind these flowers according to our research.


January is the month for Carnations. This simple by elegant sweet-smelling flowers is often used for Mother’s Day. The carnation for January symbolises Love, Distinction and Fascination.


February is the month for Violets and Iris’s. Violets are often only available in purple however other colours are available. The Violet flower symbolises Wisdom, Faithfulness and above all, Hope.


March is the month for Daffodils. With the start of spring comes the growth of the daffodil. Seeing these flowers starting to grow is a sure sign spring is officially here. Daffodil’s represent the rebirth, happiness, respect and friendship.


April is the month for the Sweet Pea. These super simple flowers symbolise Youth, Purity and Love.


May is the month for Lily of the Valley. The meanings vary depending on the colour of the flowers. The main reasons around this flower are Love and appreciation. A great choice for that special ‘Thank you’ bouquet.


June is the month for Honeysuckle. Not the most common flower for sending by post but can make a great addition to any bouquet. The honeysuckle symbolises Love, gratitude and appreciation for someone.


July is the month for Larkspur. This beautifully fragranced flower is supposed to symbolise very strong affection and love. The different colours of the Larkspur symbolise different meanings. White flowers express happiness. Purple is associated with your first love.


August is the month for Gladiolus. This beautiful flowers come in many amazing colours. All symbolising strength, integrity and honour.


September is the month for Asters. This flower shows signs of emotion, love and affection. Asters are beautiful daisy like flowers available in many vibrant colours.


October is the month for the Marigold. This flower signifies elegance and devotion. The marigold is a great choice for larger bouquets.


November is the month for the Chrysanthemum. Again with this flower the colours have different meanings. As with many other flowers the red symbolises love where white symbolises innocence. The general symbolism of this flower is friendship and joy. A great flower choice for any bouquet on any occasion.


December is the month of the Poinsettia. As with December, this flower is strongly associated with Christmas. The red flowers symbolising good cheer and success. These flowers are often used for Christmas decorations and sent more so in pots and baskets.

How do i send birth month flowers to my loved one?

If you are looking to send someone some special flowers for their birthday then consider using flowers relevant to their birth month. These relevant flowers may just mean as much to them as sending the flowers themselves. It shows you have done your homework and invested time in finding the perfect flowers for your perfect partner!


Our research was done y searching numerous websotes on the net. We reviewed infomration from Wiki for alot of these flowers.

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