Brimming with a delicious variety of retro sweet treats, this sharing hamper is sure to be a firm favourite! A great gift to send to anyone with a sweet tooth.

This hamper contains 42 items:

2 x Cadbury Chomp Bar 23.5g
Cadbury Curlywurly 26g
Cadbury Freddo Milk Chocolate 18g
2 x Cadbury Fudge 25.5g
10 x Candyland Black Jack
Candyland Dip Dab 23g
2 x Candyland Flumps 12g
10 x Candyland Fruit Salad
Candyland Refreshers 34g
Candyland Sherbet Fountain 25g
2 x Fizz Wiz Super Loud Strawberry Flavour Popping Candy
Giant Love Hearts 39g
2 x Mars Milky Way 21.5g
Nestle Milkybar Buttons 30g
Nestle Rolos 52g
Nestle Smarties 38g
Swizzels Matlow Double Dip 19g
Swizzels Matlow Mega Double Lollies 32g
Swizzels Matlow Rainbow Drops 32g

Delivered in a silver gift bag.


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