Why buy cheap valentines flowers?

If you are looking to buy cheap valentines flowers for the one you love, then surely you can go that extra mile on this 1 remarkable day of the year and really treat her to something great. Flowers I mean…….

If you are looking to get some cheap valentines day flowers for someone you are looking to impress then I’m sorry but you really should be looking at the three products below as this is what you should be buying to make an impression. Why not go all in and have them delivered directly to that special person.


There are several companies out there that can easily arrange this for you. Keep reading down and I will go through some of my top recommendations for online flower deliveries.


What are the most popular flowers to buy for valentine’s day?

Beautiful crimson roses are the traditional Valentines flowers and though it could seem a bit of a cliché, if you are going to go for WOW and wish to win the lady that you have liked for a long time or simply make a statement of your affection to your soul mate, sending a stupendous bouquet of red roses this February 14th may simply do the trick.

Our assortment of Valentine’s Day flowers includes classics like red and purple roses in addition to these traditional bouquets, we can combine roses with other stunning flowers in case you fancy something a bit different. Online florists can put together any other selection of romantic bouquets to send in time for Valentine’s Day. Be careful what flowers you choose if it’s not the traditional red roses. Expectations are everything and breaking from tradition may not always end well.

What other flowers could I buy for Valentine’s day?

If you really do want to go ahead and get some cheap valentines flowers, then keep reading below. We have some ideas on what you could potentially send if you don’t want to spend the money on a beautiful big bouquet of roses.

You could buy: –

  • Lilies
  • Tulips
  • Gardenias
  • Irises

These are just a few ideas but traditionally for valentine’s day you would be looking at showing your big soft romantic side and getting a beautiful big bouquet of long stem red roses. Every year without fail I will always treat my wife to the biggest and best bunch of roses that I can find. And yes, some years I have arranged for them to be delivered to her at work. (Trust me, this goes down well with the other women in her office!)

Still not convinced to buy some beautiful red roses?

If you are still looking for cheap valentines flowers then Flowers by Post Direct can definitely help point you in the right direction. We will show you some of the best places online to find the finest quality, freshest flowers at some of the best prices. Some flower bouquets can be shipped same day depending on stock and time of the order so no matter which Valentine’s Flowers you require; from roses to carnations, freesia to Lilies or sunflowers to orchids, you will be able to find the bouquet in your budget.

Most florist this time of year will try to maintain a great selection of romantic red roses, crisp white flowers, vibrant yellow flowers, seductive orange flowers and passionate purple flowers that you’ll be able to view in our lovely Valentine’s Day Flowers section on our website. Below are 3 of our favourites.

Gorgeous Valentine’s Day Flowers of the very best quality and delivered fresh to wherever you need them in the UK. Designed by our skilled florists, these romantic valentines range contains the traditional simplicity and high quality Twelve Red Roses.

Why do we always send 12 red roses for valentine’s day?

Well it wasn’t until I came to write this article that I researched this properly. After doing lots of reading there are some very simple traditions that explain why we always send 12 red roses. The tradition of giving a dozen red roses is to show a sign of love and appreciation to someone we care about. Each rose is meant to be for 1 month of the year, meaning a dozen completes the cycle of 1 whole year. We always associate roses to be red. As with red hearts, red is a significant and well recognised colour of love and adoration.

These are still some of the most traditional methods to display your love and affection to your partner. Luxury hand tied bouquets like Promised Roses and wonderful extravagant bespoke bouquets to the value of more than £100 can be made on request.

How much will a bouquet of roses cost me?

As this is an article about cheap valentines flowers then its fitting that we start there. As I mentioned before there are a lot of companies online that will offer you some great bouquets of red roses. Pretty much all these companies will be able to deliver your flowers for you if this is what you would like.

If you are going to stay with the traditional red roses, then below are some ideas on pricing.

A single red rose, with a teddy bear and some chocolates will cost you around the £20 – £25 mark. This is a simple but effective way that you can send a message to someone you love.

A small bouquet of mixed flowers which will contain roses, carnations and gypsophila will put you into the £25 – £30 price bracket. There are other selections of flowers that could be mixed with the roses. Sometimes this could be lilies or freesias and will keep you in the same price area.

A bouquet of roses on their own will look to cost you around the £30 – £40. All these bouquets will have 12 red roses. There may be a selection of other flowers or gypsophila that are mixed into these to help bulk them out, but you will still get the full 12 red roses.

Next are the premium valentines’ bouquets. These will be larger bouquets in size but still carry the traditional 12 red roses. These bouquets may be bulked out with other beautiful flowers and some fancy wrapping. They may also come with other gifts like a small bottle of Rose wine or some nice chocolates. These gifts will set you back between £40 – 50.

If that special person really means the world to you, as my wife does, then the options in the £50 – £80 can really be a small price to pay overall. The bouquets in this price range will be of the top quality with some multi-headed roses creating some magnificent arrangements. You will also get bouquets that break from tradition slightly and offer 24 red roses. But why not! Sometimes cheap valentines day flowers just arent worth it.

Our recommendation for valentine’s day flowers.

I fully understand that money isn’t always the main reason behind doing things. I also understand that not everyone can afford £80 of a bouquet of flowers, hence the reason why we are doing this article about cheap valentines day flowers.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with only spending £20 on the one you love. You’ve made the effort and you have shown your affection. I would highly recommend the ‘Be Mine Bear Gift’ for £25. This gives a single beautiful red rose to declare you love for only then. It gives the teddy bear which will be there for endless hugs and chocolates, well, who doesn’t love chocolate!!!


If you can afford it then the quality of the ‘True Romantic Gift set’ really is top of the range. This will set you back £78 but includes some extraordinarily beautiful red roses, and there’s 24 of them and they look amazing! You will also get a full bottle of Rose wine as well as some delicious chocolates. (Yes, I have tried them!) You really can’t beat this option, but it is pricey. Personally, I thought it was worth every penny. These are obviously not cheap valentines flowers but if you can go for it

Select Gifts as well as flowers

It’s always great to make a special romantic gesture by sending your beloved an selection of their favourite flowers. Don’t forget you could accompany the flowers with an I Love You” Balloon Bouquet, or a luxurious selection of sweets. Its not just flowers that we can send to our special partner. On many occasions I have sent a helium balloon.

For my wife’s 30th birthday I sent a bouquet of flowers and a helium balloon saying ‘30 Today’.  Although I thought this was a great idea, my wife didn’t. Let’s just say a simple balloon saying ‘Happy Birthday’ would have been better. But the thought was appreciated.

Always look for the other smaller gifts which can make the surprise present seem amazing. A small teddy, a box of chocolates, a bottle of wine. All of these will really make a difference if you do decide to choose some cheap valentines flowers.

My Recommendations for sending valentines flowers by post

I mentioned earlier about who you can use to send your valentines flowers and gifts to your loved ones. My top 3 recommendations, of which I have personally used all 3, are –


Flowercard – (Their Official Blurb)

Flowercard is a unique way to send freshly cut flowers arranged by hand inside a beautiful art card personalised with your own unique message. Only the finest, freshest and most fragrant blooms are picked and arranged by expert florists inside each design to last for up to 2 weeks.

With a huge array of cards to choose from, in vibrant designs, filled with freesias, orchids, carnations, santini and sculptural foliage you can personalise your message with your own heartfelt words for any occasion. You can even send mini bouquet cards and exquisite arrangements in a gorgeous tin caddy, complete with lid to use as a keepsake for storing cards from your baby shower, anniversary or birthday.

At Flowercard we’ve been delivering unique floral greeting cards for more than 10 years, and with over 100,000 customers to date, that makes us the largest company in mail order flowers. 10,000 happy testimonials prove we consistently get it right, delivering special gift flowers by post. You’ll find every single card is backed by the exclusive Flowercard Watertight Guarantee: “If the person receiving the gift is not 100% happy then we will refund your money. Simple as that.”


Post-a-Rose – (Their Official Blurb)

Post-a-Rose has one of the largest ranges of rose bouquets currently available and also offer a variety of other gifts and optional extras.

Our product range includes:
Bouquets of roses and flowers
Gift Boxes

Free delivery in the UK on all orders.


Bunches – (Their Official Blurb)

Bunches.co.uk offer great value flowers from £16 including free UK delivery! From flowers to hampers.

Product range includes:
– Flowers delivered from £16
– Hand Tied Bouquets
– Letterbox flowers
– Hampers
– House Plants & Outdoor Plants
– Seasonal flower ranges including Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Christmas
– Same day despatch on orders placed before 17:30pm Monday-Friday and 11am Saturday

Optional Extras include:
– NEW range of personalised greetings cards
– Candles, cakes, miniloons, chocolates and teddy bears


All 3 of these companies have provided great flowers and great service for me. The list above is not in any order so go and have a look at what they offer and give them a go. Have a good look around all 3 and then make your choice of cheap valentines flowers for your loved one.